For your convenience, we will be organising a team package comprising of:

Accommodation for 3 nights (Fr-Mo), including breakfast

  • A whole accommodation for all players/guest of the euro Dodgeball championship!
  • A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof, Sonnwendgasse 11, 1100 Vienna
  • Single- or Shared-room (4-6)
  • This brand-new A&O blends into a completely newly created Vienna district around the
  • new Central Station. Here, Vienna aficionados and friends of the Austrian hospitality can stay in a top accommodation with modern rooms and international charm.
  • Highlights
  • large conference rooms
  • garden and barbecue area
  • roof top terrace bar with a great view
  • central location near Central Station
  • Super Kingsize Lobby


Public transport ticket for 4 days within Vienna (Fr-Mo) (student or adult) (without transfer Airport-Hotel) 

Lunch (Fr/Sa/Su at the event hall (sport university)

Free entry to the euro dinner on sunday (for contestants)

Free entry to the players party (open to all)

Various goodies, giveaways and specials 


+++ PRICES +++

Adult shared-room package (Shared Room (4-6)): € 165.- (Additional nights €24.- extra per night per person)

Student shared-room package* (Shared Room (4-6)): € 155.-  (Additional nights €24.- extra per night per person)

Double room package: € 190.- per person (Additional nights €30.- extra per night per person)

Single room package: € 240.- (Additional nights €49.- extra per night per person)

* Only if you have a student-ID and you are younger than 24 years old.

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